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GolfStyles is the ONLY regional golf magazine that features the majority of its distribution to opt-in subscribers. GolfStyles, now in its 20th year, became the gold standard of regional publishing by focusing its circulation on readers in the home as opposed to pro shops and bulk distribution. GolfStyles is the country’s best regional golf magazine, providing readers a unique and compelling product that cannot be found in other publications. Its editorial mission is to provide information and entertainment about the courses you play, the places you stay, your golf lifestyle.


Showcase your product within the editorial display of the magazine, including the front cover. .

Put your message in front of the most avid and affluent golfers – the tournament player. Ask your rep how to get in front of more than 1,000 of your coveted demographic or visit

Create your own editorial or advertorial and then send it as an html e-blast. Ask your rep for details and destination schedule and rates. Click the Digital Media button to the left and get the specs.

Prices vavry by size and weight. Ask your rep for a specific quote. GolfStyles can create and print or accept pre-printed pieces contingent on printer approval. All pieces must be approved in house prior to printing and insertion.

Create your own marketing piece from edit that has appeared in GolfStyles. You can take your 4 pages story and we will design it for you in a brochure format so that you can put your best marketing foot forward. Information and pricing 239.541.0104.

Mails: April 12
Space Deadline: March 29
Materials Deadline: April 2
Mails: August 27
Space Deadline: August 10
Materials Deadline: August 16

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