GolfStyles Media Kit

The GolfStyles Audience* Is
The GolfStyles Reader…
Average rounds per year: 50
Average time spent reading GolfStyles: 48 minutes
Mangerial Level or Higher Level of Employment: 51 percent
Prefer Print Format: 70 percent
Plan to purchase 1+ golf trips in 2019: 95 percent
Would like to see more daily-fee editorials: 49 percent
Would like to see more Mid Atlantic resort editorials: 30 percent
Have visited an advertiser or feature suject's
website after reading Spring 2018 issue:
63 percent
Took 1+ actions after reading the Spring 2018 issue: 65 percent
…With Purchasing Power
Median household income: $142,310
Average household income: $158,000

Circulation & Distribution
  Digital Print  
ATLANTA 7,100 na **Approximately 15 percent of print subscribers are represented in digital numbers. Majority of print circulation is mailed via U.S. Postal Service. Remainder is pro shop bulk and targeted to events, resorts, retailers, etc.
CAROLINAS 8,090 na
NEW ENGLAND 12,780 na
NEW JERSEY 9,580 25,000
OHIO 7,300 na
PHILADELPHIA 5,480 25,000
WASHINGTON 12,950 50,000
ALL MARKETS 63,280 100,000*
ResearchUSA,Inc.*Four-market composite. Research USA, Inc. specializes in demographic readership studies for periodical publications. The level of response to the survey for GolfStyles exceeds the necessary requirements set forth by the Advertising Research Foundation. © 2014
Mails: March 28
Space Deadline: March 10
Materials Deadline: March 13
Editorial Focus: Joining the Modern Club;
Resorts: Beyond Golf; Destination Virginia

Mails: May 22
Space Deadline: April 20
Materials Deadline: April 30
Editorial Focus: Must-Play Courses;
Mountains and Beaches

Mails: August 29
Space Deadline: August 7
Materials Deadline: August 15
Editorial Focus: Fall Getaways;
The Carolinas | Florida

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