GolfStyles Media Kit

GolfStyles can accept files in any rich media format, but prefers, files built to spec in the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .swf, .png, .flv. We will build static anchor buttons and banners, etc in-house, but will not produce custom video and flash files. Those files need to be submitted exactly to spec by the client. Sizes apply to E-Newsletters as well, however formats are animated .gif or .jpg for E-Newsletter only.

Contact your sales associate for specific sizes for web materials.

ALL MATERIALS AS WELL AS A SUBJECT LINE AND TEST EMAILS MUST BE SENT AT THE SAME TIME TO Please make sure to add to your address book to insure proper delivery.

Please send images and text to the Production Dept. Keep in mind that E-mail is made to be brief, so keep the content minimal, have a call to action and direct readers to your website. In addition to images and text, or a finished html doc (preferred) with absolute URLs, please send 3-5 test names, and a subject line. Remember the Subject line can cause your email to get caught in spam filters, so please avoid words that are spam traps, like "Free", "Special" etc. Once the blast is completed it will be sent for approval. A prompt response will allow GolfStyles to get your blast out on time. If you do not see a test, check with us, but not approving a test in time can result in your eblast getting bumped to the next available date.

Emails that consist solely of images are more likely to get caught in spam filters. Please plan accordingly.

It must be submitted in html format and have absolute URLS (actual direct links to images housed on your server) or send images to us. Keep the width at 600px -650px wide, nothing larger. Height can be as long as you want it but keep in mind that once it goes below the bottom of the screen you've lost more than half of your readers.

Digital File Formats:
Flash: .swf
Image: .png, .jpg, .gif
Video: .flv, .mpg
Always include all relevant files when sending to Production. All materials can be sent to

For other formats please call or email the Production Department.

Mails: April 12
Space Deadline: March 29
Materials Deadline: April 2
Mails: August 27
Space Deadline: August 10
Materials Deadline: August 16

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