GolfStyles Media Kit
GolfStyles Production

GolfStyles will not be held responsible for color discrepancies if a calibrated SWOP proof is not provided, or for mistakes in ads not created by GolfStyles.

1. Color Break CMYK, No ICC Tags, No Profiles. The press RIP converts these to RGB and then the file has to be altered. avoid them. If you have color concerns please send SWOP proofs to:
GolfStyles Production, 4230 SW 14th Place, Cape Coral, Florida 33914
2. FLATTEN ALL TRANSPARENCIES. If you do not, it converts to a black box.
3. Embed, subset all fonts or convert to outlines
4. File formats: .tif, .jpg, .eps, hi res pdf (DO NOT use images obtained from the web for print production)
5. Non full page bleed ads DO NOT need crop marks. Please create files to spec. Full page bleeds also do not if they are exactly 8.25” w x 10.75” h (spec)
6. Filename: Please do not use”GolfStyles” in filename. If you do, make sure the client’s name precedes GolfStyles. For example: BulleRockGC_GolfStylesApr08.pdf
7. Email the ad file to: or post to the ftp site

Mails: April 12
Space Deadline: March 29
Materials Deadline: April 2
Mails: August 27
Space Deadline: August 10
Materials Deadline: August 16

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